Why pastels and pleats are a spring staple that never goes out of fashion!


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Pastel pinks and blues are featured in this spring’s top designer collections. This connects perfectly with today’s very cute outfits from the new Spring 2022 collection available now at . Maison Gasman.

It was so funny because I think I’ve been liking pastel pink pleated skirts since I was in my 20s. It’s almost identical to what I’m wearing today.

The pale blue coat is already what you have been looking for for many seasons. I always tell myself it won’t be such a hot item next spring, but don’t worry. Only this spring I decided to go for it.

The realization that pastel pinks and blues will remain timeless spring essentials is finally subsiding!

Read on for “Why pastels and pleats are timeless spring essentials”!

Why pastels and pleats are a spring staple that never goes out of fashion!

Pastel is so much more than it looks at first glance, and there’s a real psychological reason it remains our spring staple!

Pastel is the best color to go when we need a better feeling, a more peaceful and serene feeling for our lives. As winter approaches, most of us want to beat the cold enough to experience true sunlight and warmth. Pastel makes us happy!

I like to wear pastels towards the end of winter. They remind you that spring is near and bring a smile to your lips.

The pastel blue coat can be purchased online here.

WARNING, but there are times when wearing pastels in winter can feel terribly wrong! I speak from experience working in the financial industry. I had the most beautiful pastel blue suit. It’s perfect for the office on a sunny day, but when worn on a very cold rain/snow day it will really stick out like a thumb. This may also have to do with the type of fabric. If you have a woolen pastel blue suit, you can probably avoid it no matter how gray your day is.

Today, however, work clothes have been replaced by bright white shirts that are often worn underneath pretty snug knits like the one above.

knits available online here

Tip of the day: Prepare a white shirt that is slightly different from your regular white shirt, but has the same effect. This actually goes down to the hem and looks great over skinny jeans, leggings or boots.

Shirts Available Online Here.

Skirts available online here – (FYI, there are also matching shirts to fall in love with)

“Add a little happiness to your wardrobe today!”

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