Why Euphoria’s latest episode is a major disappointment


WARNING: This story contains spoilers for season 2, episode 5 of Euphoria.

Sam Levinson It is known for mixing different styles. euphoria, Often a mix of comedy and drama tells the stories of high school students. However, in Season 2 of the HBO series, the episodes became more and more chaotic, and Episode 5 was no different.

Rue(Zendaya) hallucinating her father labyrinth At church we expected this to take place with her in a hospital bed. It was a beautiful moment that seemed to symbolize Rue’s turn to addiction, with speculation that she was actually dead.

If you were expecting an answer during the first 5 minutes of the show, you didn’t get it.

Instead, the show featured Rue’s mom Leslie (nika king), to face her relapse. And although Rue initially blamed Gia (Storm Raid) for snitching, Leslie uses Jules(Hunter Shaper) and Elliott (Dominic Pike) told her about the pill bag. She said, “You don’t understand Mom. She’s not my bag.” Rue crias said. “This is bad.”

She is demolishing the house to find the drug she has already dumped in the toilet. She smashes doors, breaks her furniture, and threatens her sister, which Jules and Elliot witness in another room. Jules seems to fully understand Rue’s addiction for the first time.

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