Mini Road Trip to San Antonio, Texas


*This post has been sponsored by profit. All thoughts and opinions are mine*

Hey everyone! You all know how much I missed the trip. So I decided to book a mini road trip close to Austin for me and Hub. For our vacation this weekend, we decided to drive to San Antonio and explore the historic Pearl District while there. Before heading out on the road, we rented an SUV. profit 10/10 recommended from AUS Airport!

Avail is a car sharing company, all vehicles are owned by real locals. As a local car owner, you can register your car there. iOS app If someone borrows it, they can earn up to $25 a day. It’s a great way to make passive income while not using your car during the week or while traveling. Car sharing via Avail while traveling = Free airport parking and free shuttle to terminal

use profit Renting a car was such a quick and easy process! Similar to car registration, you can book online or through the iOS app and you can go in minutes. I also like that there are no cancellations or second driver fees and full coverage Allstate insurance is included in the price. So, by registering your car, you can be sure that it is safe. The check-in process was also so easy (no lines or paperwork) and everything was ready when we arrived. Finally, each vehicle is thoroughly cleaned before and after each listing, so you never have to worry about germs. I’m so glad I found Avail! We love to travel, so the next time we book a trip, we will definitely use Avail. You can rent another car to explore more of the Texas area, or register your car at AUS Airport and rent a car while you’re away. Use my code TRENDYTHERAPIST to get $50 off your booking at any of 14 locations across the US (Offer April 30th, 21st). This was a whole game changer and great service to see if your local or your next travel destination offers it. Here’s how I spent the day in San Antonio.

Where to stay:

we borrowed this Airbnb It was in a perfect location with walking distance to all the little houses and pearls.

Where to eat:

  1. morning: Kosina flavor
  2. Coffee Food Truck: Mila
  3. Drinks and Appetizers: Down on Grayson (The margarita and fried Brussels sprouts were so delicious)
  4. dinner: best daughter (The fried mushroom and crab fried rice was great)

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