Kitchen flooring ideas for a wall-to-wall solid style


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  • Deciding on the decoration of the walls of a room takes too much time and effort, but the floor is just as important as deciding on the right one. These days we have so many amazing kitchen flooring ideas that we don’t have a choice.

    The two most important things when considering flooring for your kitchen are aesthetics and, of course, materials. In the latter case, common choices include porcelain tiles, stone, wood, concrete, and Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVTs). And it hardly scratches the surface.

    In terms of practicality, modern porcelain tiles tend to be the longest-lasting choice for kitchen flooring because they are waterproof, stain-resistant, scratch-resistant, and easy to clean. Natural stone, if properly installed and treated, will last a lifetime, but it is porous and must be sealed. ‘Porcelain floor tiles are available in a variety of sizes, styles and colors,’ says Director Jo Oliver. Stone and Porcelain Warehouse. ‘The incredibly robust nature makes it ideally placed in high-traffic areas such as kitchens.’

    The foundation is also worth thinking about. The subfloor must be clean, dry, structurally sound and level, and most suppliers recommend using an experienced installer for the applied flooring (especially for natural stone). Layouts with larger format tiles and patterns are usually more expensive because they usually take longer to fit and result in more waste.

    kitchen flooring ideas

    Add some excitement to your home with kitchen flooring ideas to fit any space and style.

    1. Splashback vs Contrast

    Blue kitchen with blue pattern tile floor and yellow pattern splashback

    Image Credit: Future PLC/Veronica Rodriguez

    Use the kitchen floor idea as an opportunity to add personality to your home. Create an interesting and fun plan by choosing tiles in a colorful pattern for both the floor and kitchen splashback ideas.

    There are several ways you can do this. Using the exact same tile on both surfaces will slightly affect the pattern, but you can choose two tiles with the same color or pattern. Or use the same pattern but with two different scales.

    Finally, the most daring and often the most effective solution is to choose two contrasting but complementary colors and patterns.

    2. Zoning using flooring

    Kitchen with wood and tile floors

    Image Credit: Future PLC/Brent Darby

    Flooring is a great place to visually zone a space. Since many of us live open-plan living with a kitchen in the same room as the dining area and living area, it’s useful to create markers that separate the different functions.

    In this case, choose a fairly flat surface for the entire floor space. Then select a secondary surface, such as a patterned or colored tile, and use it to outline the area. Some areas where this can work include under the dining table, stove and kitchen island ideas.

    3. Resizing tiles

    Kitchen with large tiled floors and exposed brick walls

    Image Credit: Future PLC/Darren Chung

    One way to use kitchen flooring ideas to enhance the sense of space is to increase their size. Choose large tiles with a subtle, minimal grout that doesn’t distract the eye too much. As a result, the floor and space appear larger.

    Pale tile shading helps reflect light, increasing this effect.

    4. Laying the board in a chevron pattern

    Kitchen with wooden chevron floor and black island

    Image Credit: Future PLC/James French

    Hardwood floors are always a stylish choice. Play with the placement patterns and get them interesting. The Chevron is spending some time, but it’s a classic look, so I’m not specifying a date.

    One thing to keep in mind about wood is that these floors are not always suitable for use with underfloor heating. So, if that’s an issue, you should check with your flooring supplier before buying.

    5. Choose a simple style

    Blue kitchen with island and wooden floor

    Image Credit: Future PLC/Katie Leew

    The best kitchen flooring ideas are often the simplest. If you have bright cabinets that you like, you won’t want to distract your attention from them with an overly bold floor.

    Traditional wood plank flooring is comforting, warm and perfectly adds subtle character.

    6. Vinyl work

    Kitchen with monochrome geometric floor, white cabinets and walls and yellow chairs

    Image Credit: Future PLC/Ben Anders

    Vinyl flooring is hard, durable and easy to lay. It’s also much softer and warmer under your feet compared to stone and ceramic tiles, more tolerant of dropping the bowl and more airy and clean. Due to their recent increase in popularity, a variety of modern and trending designs are now available.

    When buying kitchen flooring, keep in mind that thickness is a good indicator of quality in both sheet and tile vinyl. Cheap sheet vinyl starts at 1mm thick, so it’s easy to fit, but doesn’t last long. Aim for 3.5mm above.

    7. Thinking about patterns

    Blue kitchen with patterned tile floor

    Image Credit: Future PLC/Poly Eltes

    Beautiful patterned kitchen floor tile ideas can make your floor stand out and make it a standout part of your kitchen. When playing with the patterns, carefully consider the color scheme and choose which hero color to choose from the design of the tiles in the cabinet.

    8. Obsessed with stones

    White kitchen with stone tile floor, wooden table and chairs

    Image Credit: Future PLC/Brent Darby

    Natural materials such as stones are always a popular choice and give authenticity to the plan. A recent trend is ‘imitation’ porcelain, which reproduces the look of natural materials while providing an easy-to-maintain finish.

    The size of the tile can also have an effect. Isabel Fernandez says ‘Most commonly ‘free length’ or ‘random length’ tile sizes are chosen, with a fixed width (usually 500mm or 600mm) and randomly selected from a range of up to 1000mm in length.” says, kuon stone. ‘This free-length flagstone can work in any size kitchen, allowing you to focus as much as possible on the beauty of each tile.’

    9. Keep cool with polished concrete

    Metal dining table on concrete floor in front of garden with living room wall

    Image Credit: Future PLC/James Merrell

    Are you looking for a sturdy kitchen flooring that is effortless and cool to use? Choose polished concrete. Perfect if the floor surface is uneven as it is simply covered with concrete.

    They are also very low-maintenance, durable, and can help reflect light around the room.

    10. Match Request

    White kitchen with modern chandelier, dining table and dark wood floor

    Image Credit: Future PLC/Richard Powers

    Hardwood floors are a great choice for kitchen and kitchen diners if treated to resist spills and stains.

    A properly sealed dark stained floor will look fantastic when paired with white walls and high, airy ceilings.

    11. Going Tradition with Granite

    White kitchen with tile floor, wooden table and wallpaper walls

    Image Credit: Future PLC/Simon Whitmore

    Classic granite tiles are perfect for any style of kitchen and well-used spaces with lots of water spills. Durable, wear-resistant, stain-resistant and easy to clean, granite is the perfect material for your home.

    12. Create subtle features with parquet floors

    Kitchen with white walls, a wooden parquet floor, a table with a striped tablecloth and metal chairs

    Image Credit: Future PLC/Robert Sanderson

    If you want a nod to a functional floor without being too overdone, opt for a delicate parquet floor. Classic parquet floors can be laid as individual blocks and the effect can be copied with engineered wood planks for easier fitting.

    Units and furnishings in white or light gray are great partners, as they allow the warm wood tones to shine.

    13. Trick It Until You Make It

    White kitchen with island, red bar chairs, three gray pendant lights and wooden floor

    Image Credit: Future PLC/James French

    Laminate isn’t just a cost-effective flooring option. Modern laminates often come with a long warranty, are durable and can be used with underfloor heating. Also, with advances in digital imaging technology, the wood or stone effect version is almost indistinguishable from the real product.

    14. Try Simple Floor Tiles

    Kitchen under the countertop with terracotta style floor tiles and patterned curtains

    Image Credit: Future PLC/Trevor Richards

    Choose a practical lightweight porcelain tile to achieve the terracotta effect without cost. A perfect addition to your country utility room, this tile requires minimal maintenance. Complete the space with bright artisan fabrics, cream colored units and open shelves.

    15. Painting the floorboard

    White rustic dining table with perspex dining chairs in a room with white painted floorboards

    Image Credit: Future PLC/Richard Gadsby

    Lightweight, bright and easy to refresh, a painted whiteboard is a great choice for a modern kitchen floor idea. You can include a rug or runner under the dining table or at the busiest point in the room to prevent too many scuffs and scratches.

    16. State Maintenance

    White kitchen with stone tile floor and wooden beams

    Image Credit: Future PLC/Colin Poole

    A stone floor is a great addition to any country kitchen idea. Get the effect with limestone tiles or opt for modern porcelain. Teamed up with classic white cabinets to keep the look bright and give the overall composition a more modern feel throughout.

    17. Slate Talk

    White kitchen with slate tile floor and wooden table with colorful dining chairs

    Image Credit: Future PLC/Oliver Gordon

    The trendy large slab slate floors add a rustic touch to this polished kitchen. Slate is a beautiful material with natural ridges and variations that add depth to a space. Rough edges are part of the appeal of slate, and the material will look better over time.

    18. Find the Geometry

    Kitchen with monochrome geometric tiled floor and gray cabinets with copper details

    Image Credit: Future PLC/Jonathan Jones

    Go on an adventure with the statement kitchen floor. Geometric tiles add a modern touch to the space and bring life to ordinary cabinets. The pattern is ideal for engraving personality into your home. Team up with simple metro tiles for a trendy wall that doesn’t take your eyes off the floor.

    Which kitchen floor is the easiest to maintain?

    There are many options for kitchen flooring on the market, but one of the most popular should be porcelain tile floors. ‘All porcelain tiles are durable and perfectly suited for high-traffic areas,’ says Kamila Swiatecka, Brand and Marketing Manager. tile giant. ‘A well-known misconception is that tiles are cold, and you’ll be amazed at how soft and warm they can actually be to the touch. They are also ideal for use with underfloor heating and are perfect for family living.’

    Isabel Fernandez, Quorn Stone Director, adds, ‘Porcelain tiles are not porous, so they provide a better stain-resistance option for younger children.’

    What is the most durable flooring for kitchens?

    Porcelain is, of course, a very durable material. Isabel of Quorn Stone said, ‘Natural stone flooring can be one of the most generous flooring materials available if you choose the right stone and finish. ‘Naturally, some stones are denser than others which provide durability, but all natural stones are subject to some wear and tear over time.’

    LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tiles) is another great option to explore. You can find these products in a variety of colors, patterns and effects, and they are very durable, making them perfect for high-traffic kitchens.

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