How to be as scary as hell in 5 seconds


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Image: A tabby cat with amber eyes looks menacingly at the camera.

i can teach you How to be as scary as hell in 5 seconds.


Here’s how I learned it:

How I Learned To Be As Scary As Hell

After graduating from college, I spent five years in middle school, the bottom of public education.

I loved my job and my students, but I was only 7-8 years older than some of my students and a few inches smaller.

Every student should know that this short college graduate can handle anything. To do that, we used body language.

How your body language speaks for you

We are always in communication, whether we think it or not. Whether consciously or unconsciously, we speak through our gestures, movements, and facial expressions. Others perceive attitudes, personalities, and personality traits in them.

If you’ve ever heard or learned that body language makes up over 90% of what we communicate, we’ll stop here. That number stems from a misunderstanding of research completed in the 1960s. you can read more about it here.

Nevertheless, non-verbal communication still has a tremendous impact on communication with others.

For example, tilting your head to one side indicates interest as well as leaning on it. Crossing arms indicates defense or disagreement, and biting nails indicates tension and anxiety.

When we perceive the discrepancy between what we hear and what we see, we usually give priority to what we see. Now, when we experience inconsistency, it can become confusing and lower our situational awareness. But it works to our advantage when others are confused.

It worked to my advantage to have quick control over the inevitable situations that occurred in the middle school classroom.

If you have to confront someone because you or someone close to you feels threatened, it can work to your advantage.

You just need to learn the ‘look’.

Now you can think of giving someone “stinky eyes” or “evil eyes” as a matter of frowns, squints, and dry lips. On the other hand, the way he wears is expressionless.

Here’s how to make it:

how to look menacing

The secret to this “expressive” look is learning to relax all your facial muscles. You do it naturally when you are resting or sleeping. All muscles in the face are completely relaxed. Now learn how to quickly relax the same muscles while standing.

  1. Stand in front of the mirror.
  2. Relax your facial muscles. With practice, it happens faster.
  3. Lower your chin slightly. This creates a much more menacing and maniacal look. Earnestly. they studied it.
  4. You’ll know you’re right when you have a “dead eye”.

Remember that all muscles need to be relaxed. This takes practice, but after a while you can switch from a normal expression to this one in a few seconds.

When I used this expression on my children, it completely surprised them. My daughter says I look like a zombie. This isn’t me, but that central image gives you an idea of ​​the effect. She is far more menacing than the pictures on her left and right.

It’s also much easier to maintain this look for a long time than it is to laugh, frown, or frown. A menacing look like ‘The Stare’ is the way to go when you have to stare for a long time to get the message across.

From experience, you can definitely tame a middle school classroom. It may even convince the bad guy that you are not an easy target.

Have you ever needed to feel as terrifying as hell? Share your experience in the comments!

This article was originally published on April 5, 2014, and has been updated and corrected.

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